Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability

Creighton Hall - Office of the President


Guided by Laudato Si’, the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability seeks to develop a “path to conversion” for Creighton University as it embraces and embodies principles and practices of environmental sustainability. Through concentrated and engaged dialogue, the PACS will prioritize appropriate responses, interventions, and solutions that will allow Creighton University to contribute to the care for our common home.


The Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability drives cultural change in the daily operations and long-term planning for Creighton University. The Committee convenes campus leaders on sustainability to respond to the immediacy of the unprecedented planetary emergency. The Committee learns from, supports, and builds upon the vast array of ongoing sustainability efforts already in progress in pedagogy, research, service, student life, campus resource conservation, community outreach, planning, purchasing and maintenance, among others. It further seeks to identify new initiatives and collaborations, all of which are necessary to achieve bold and significant cultural change toward more ecologically sustainable conditions.



  • Mary Ann Vinton, Associate Professor, Biology and Environmental Science, CCAS
  • Jay Leighter, Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Sustainability Studies, CCAS 


  • Stacey Menzel Baker, Professor, Marketing and Management, HCB
  • Peter Gallo, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management, HCB
  • Larry Hopp, Director, Energy Technology Program, CCAS
  • Matt Low, Instructor, English, CCAS
  • Richard Miller, Associate Professor, Theology, CCAS
  • John O’Keefe, Professor, Theology, CCAS
  • Anne Ozar, Associate Professor, Philosophy, CCAS
  • John Schalles, Professor, Biology, CCAS
  • Samantha Senda-Cook, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, CCAS
  • Margo Minnich, Assistant Professor, Public and Community Health, College of Nursing
  • Patrick Swanson, Professor, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine             


  • Mary Duda, EH&S/Sustainability Council
  • Maureen Holstein, Operations
  • Isaac Ortega, Residence Hall Director
  • Ray Stoupa, Finance Director, School of Medicine
  • Ken Reed-Bouley, Director, SCSJ  


  • Ellen Townley, senior, CCAS Biology Major and Green Jays
  • Andrew Bodlak, junior, CCAS pre-med and ERG minor
  • Gunnar Nelson, senior, CCAS Energy Technology Major

Administrative Staff

  • Becky Crowell, administrative assistant to Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability