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Pharmacy Students and Graduates Match with Residencies

Aug 30, 2021
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In 2021, 61 fourth-year pharmacy students and 21 graduates applied for a postgraduate year one (PGY1) or postgraduate year two (PGY2) residency. Of those students and alumni that matched, 33 went to PGY1 and 8 to PGY2 positions. In 2021, there were 6,182 PGY1 applicants across the nation who went through the match process and 4,042 matched with a residency program.

When compared to 2020, there were 138 more residency positions offered and 3 fewer applicants in 2021.  “It is clear that our students and graduates face a competitive residency environment with the system having more applicants than positions,” said Ryan Dull, PharmD, BCPS, associate professor of Pharmacy Practice, and director of postgraduate training in pharmacy practice. “We will continue to support our pharmacy community to keep them informed on this changing landscape, but also to become stronger applicants.”

The resident matching program is facilitated by the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP). While pharmacy graduates are not required to complete a residency before they begin practice, pharmacy residencies are designed to provide additional pharmacy practice experience in a specific area of interest. In order to help pharmacy students at Creighton University, the Department of Pharmacy Practice offers a postgraduate training elective course, numerous professional organization activities, a postgraduate training newsletter and a website to share information about the postgraduate training application process. ASHP is the only programmatic accreditor in the United States for pharmacy residency programs. Currently, Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions offers 23 residency or fellowships, nine residencies in pharmacy and one pharmacy fellowship in drug information and natural medicines.

Map of states with Creighton students and alumni as pharmacy residents