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Creighton’s Master of Finance (MFin) degree develops ethical, socially responsible, knowledgeable and visionary finance professionals.

If you are seeking to further your expertise in the financial sector, or are seeking employment in the area of finance, this program provides excellent preparation. It’s ideal for the student who is interested in a master’s-level education in finance and business concepts, but wants a broader experience than that offered by the Master of Security Analysis or MBA program. Our students have various career backgrounds, such as accountants, auditors, loan officers, financial analysts, credit analysts and more. 

With this flexible program, you can take classes online, on-campus or both (hybrid). You don’t have to wait to advance your education and career. We review applications on a rolling basis for spring, summer and fall terms. Even if you haven’t taken the GMAT, you can apply for conditional student status.


According to Graduate Management Admission Council’s “2014 Corporate Recruiters Survey,” demand for master’s-credentialed finance specialists increased 44% in 2014, making the job outlook promising. Consumers and CEOs need finance professionals with a strong ethical foundation, and Creighton provides unique preparation in this area.

What You'll Learn

  • Develop fundamental concepts, skills and knowledge of finance in a global context
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking skills in both a broad business context and portfolio management
  • Understand and demonstrate influential strategic leadership
  • Develop a perspective that values ethical decision making in finance


Admissions Requirements

Admission to the program is competitive. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for the fall, spring and summer terms. Admission decisions are based on academic background, work experience, letters of recommendation and test score(s). Interviews are not required as part of the admission process. Admission decisions will be made within two weeks following receipt of all application materials.

You must submit all of the items listed below for your application to be considered. 

  • Application form
  • $50 application fee: Each applicant must remit a non-refundable, non-waiveable application fee.
  • Resume: Current and previous work experience, education, activities and professional associations.
  • Personal Statement (approximately 300 words, typed): Please discuss your career objectives and which aspects of Creighton’s program appeal to you most.
  • Two (2) Recommendation Forms: Recommendations should be completed by persons, other than family members or friends, who are capable of assessing your performance in an academic or work setting. 
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts must be sent directly from each college and university attended. Transcripts from the issuing school must contain the institution’s official seal or stamp. Transcripts not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations. 
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)*: All applicants are required to submit an official GMAT score report. Rather than requiring a minimum score on the GMAT, the following formula is used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for admission: Cumulative undergraduate GPA x 200 + GMAT score = 1,100. Applicants may take the GMAT more than once; however, only the highest score will be used in the formula. 

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

Since GPAs for international applicants do not equate to the U.S. grading system, international applicants must have at least a 500 on the GMAT exam. The GRE may be substituted for the GMAT. Graduate Business Programs has a method for converting GRE verbal and quantitative scores to an equivalent GMAT score for the formula. The applicant’s verbal and quantitative GRE scores must be above the 20th percentile in both categories. 

International applicants must submit the following in addition to those listed above: Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL). All international applicants are required to submit an official TOEFL score report, unless they have earned a bachelor’s degree in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada (excluding French Quebec), Africa (English speaking only), Australia or New Zealand. The minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 550 (paper-based) / 213 (computer-based) / 80 (Internet-based).

Deadline: For the online option, apply by Feb. 13 for the term beginning March 9, 2015.

Conditional Student Status

*Individuals who have not yet taken the GMAT may apply for “conditional student status.” This means you can take up to 6 hours of graduate-level courses on a space-available basis while preparing for the GMAT. The conditional application can be found on the online application site. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all application materials, including the application fee, have been submitted.

GMAT Waiver

The GMAT will be waived for applicants who meet any of the following criteria:

  • GRE Performance: Applicants who have already taken the GRE may substitute their GRE performance for their GMAT score provided the applicant’s converted GRE score meets the formula above and the applicant must be above the 20th percentile in both categories.
  • Professional Graduate Degrees: Applicants who have earned a professional graduate degree including J.D., M.D., Ph.D., DBA, DDS, Ed.D. and Pharm.D.
  • Professional Certification: Applicants who have earned either the CPA or CFA certification (have at least passed Level 1 of the CFA).
  • Creighton Business Graduate: Applicants who have earned a BSBA degree from Creighton’s Heider College of Business in the last 10 years and had at least a 3.5 overall GPA, plus at least a 3.75 GPA in all accounting, finance and statistics courses.

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