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What does it mean to be American? Where does America begin and end? How has diversity shaped American culture? If you’ve always been curious about the answers to these questions, then getting a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in American studies from Creighton University might be the perfect option for you.

When you pursue a BA in American studies, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills it takes to bring critical insights to the study of the American experience in all its diversity—past and present. Creighton’s faculty members aim to stimulate critical and creative thinking through interdisciplinary and comparative study with attention to transnational issues and current theoretical frameworks.

As an American studies major, you’ll immerse yourself in all aspects of America, including: literature and film, politics and social movements, history and popular culture, race and ethnicity, sports, philosophy and religion. The list goes on and on, and features even more specific topics like jazz, hip-hop and performance art, baseball and boxing, the American Revolution, Apocalypse Now, museums and mega churches, and Moby Dick.

Become part of a community of inquiry that will encourage you to not only pursue your interests, but also discover new ones.

Minor in American Studies

The American studies minor complements a wide range of majors by offering interdisciplinary approaches to the study of American life.


Studies conducted by the American Studies Association indicate that the greatest value of the American studies major is diverse thinking. In no other curriculum is the student offered such a wide exposure to thinking and scholarship in so many areas: political, intellectual, social and economic history, literature, religion, music, art, folklore, and material culture are all studies in American studies programs.

As such, the American studies major (and approach) provides a demanding challenge for the motivated, independent thinkers who are seeking a well-rounded preparation for life…and for careers in a variety of fields: from teaching (at the high-school or college level), to law, journalism, social work, medicine, government, business, museum work and city planning, to name a few.”

At Creighton, this program will prepare you particularly well for life after college through opportunities for research and internships.

What You'll Learn

  • Advanced critical thinking skills
  • How to situate America, Americans and the American experience within global and transnational contexts
  • How to work with the wide range of sources, methods and theoretical frameworks that are characteristic of American studies scholarship
  • How to design and conduct original interdisciplinary research
  • Written, oral, visual and digital humanities presentation methods



Recent American studies students have completed internships in Omaha at:

  • Durham Museum
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Douglas County Historical Museum
  • Sarpy County Museum
  • Strategic Air and Space Museum
  • Boys Town Hall of History
  • Creighton University Archives

Research Opportunities

This program includes individual research mentoring for each student. Since 2009, approximately 80% of American studies majors have won competitive grants for summer undergraduate research. About 90% have presented their research at academic conferences or local cultural institutions.

Top American studies students can qualify to enroll in an advanced senior seminar in which students develop research projects into scholarly articles for publication.

Admissions Requirements

Before declaring the major, you must successfully complete AMS 307 Introduction to American Studies with a grade of “C” or better.

Learn about general admission requirements for Creighton University or find out how to transfer credits to Creighton.

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