Computer Science (Certificate)

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A Certificate in computer science from Creighton University will give you the information and skills you need for the 21st century global technology industry.

You can take courses during the day, in the evening—or both—to fit your busy life. You’ll explore computing and information technology, learn how data and programming interact and gain insights into how software engineers and systems analysts work. You’ll have full access to Creighton’s outstanding informatics and computer science program and faculty. And when you finish, you’ll have a valuable certificate from Creighton University, an institution with more than 130 years of academic excellence.


There are many career-enhancing outcomes with certificates from Creighton University.

If you have not yet begun a college degree, this certificate could be your first step, with credits usually meeting some of the major requirements for a degree.

Already completed a bachelor’s degree? This program in computer sciences could bring you personal enrichment or strengthen your career options by providing new knowledge and skills in this fast-growing, in-demand field.

What You'll Learn

  • An understanding of computer basics such as programming and systems analysis
  • An aptitude for the role computer science plays in business
  • Computer science terminology and concepts
  • Knowledge and skills for a high-demand field


The certificate is 24 credits total. See all courses in the complete computer science certificate curriculum.

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