Cultural Anthropology (Bachelor of Arts)

Are you fascinated by differences and similarities in cultures? In Creighton’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in cultural anthropology, you’ll learn about cultural diversity in social structures, language, archeology, art, technology, religion, health, gender, political structure, economics and environments. A bachelor’s in cultural anthropology will prepare you to identify how people in different cultures interact and analyze the problems that arise when cultures differ. This understanding will help you solve differences and bring people together to address inequalities.

Anthropology Minor

A minor in anthropology will introduce you to the traditional 4-field approach to the study of culture. While the introduction course covers all 4 fields with a focus on cultural anthropology, students can focus their study on religion, specific cultures or a particular region of the world (i.e. Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Native America).


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for anthropologists is $57,420, and employment of anthropologists is projected to grow 19% by 2022—faster than the average for all occupations.

Creighton graduates are prepared for careers in public service, the private sector and the nonprofit sector.

Job Placement

Creighton graduates have recently found positions with:

  • Pioneer Train Junior High School
  • Multimedia Producer
  • Uta Halee Girls Home Youth Worker
  • Americorps VISTA New York City Civic Corps
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Namaste House
  • Americorps VISTA Nebraska Aids Project
  • Miller Orthopaedic Affiliates 

Advanced Study

Creighton graduates have recently pursued advanced study with the following:

  • Creighton University’s graduate and professional schools
  • Drexel University School of Public Health
  • Melbourne University, Australia
  • Stanford University, School of Law
  • Sydney Medical School
  • University of Arkansas, School of Public Service
  • University of Iowa, School of Law
  • University of Missouri, School of Dentistry
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center

What You'll Learn

  • Practice qualitative research methods
  • Understand the traditional 4-field approach to the study of culture
  • Complex interrelationships between individuals, society and environment
  • Learn how to study and analyze problems that arise from cultural differences in diverse national and international settings
  • Solve cultural differences and bring people together to address inequalities



Anthropology Internships – ANT/SOC 385
Students work individually with faculty members to arrange internship and service learning engagements that are customized according to students’ unique interests and career goals.

Admissions Requirements

Learn more about general admission requirements at Creighton University or learn about how to transfer credits to Creighton.

Tuition & Scholarships

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