Emergency Medical Services (BSEMS Online Degree Completion Pathway)

Career advancement for EMS personnel increasingly requires attainment of a degree. The Bachelor of Science in EMS degree completion pathway has been developed to help paramedics achieve professional goals, recognizing the education and clinical experience that has been accomplished. As practicing paramedic clinicians, the online degree completion program will focus on core liberal studies, advanced clinical concepts and leadership development. The entire program is conveniently delivered online, and most courses are presented in 8 week terms, easily allowing students to complete two courses per semester.


  • Successful completion of a paramedic education program with grade(s) of C or higher and a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Current National Registry of EMTs Paramedic Certification
  • Experience that must include a minimum of 3 years of clinical paramedic practice
  • Prior work success as a paramedic


A Creighton University Bachelor’s degree requires the completion of 128 semester credit hours. Forty-eight of these credit hours must be earned at Creighton University, including the final 32 hours, and a minimum of 15 credit hours must be earned in the major area of study through the College of Professional Studies.

After completing all coursework for degree completion, a total of 49 credit hours will be awarded as block credits, without tuition expense, to recognize your paramedic education and experience.

The following Core Curriculum requirements must be completed:

Onboarding Course (required to begin program of study):

  • CPS200 - Making the Transition to College: Strategies for Degree Completion (3)


Magis Core Courses: (39)

  • Foundations: Contemporary Composition (3) [ENG150 - College Composition]
  • Foundations: Oral Communication (3) [COM152 - Civic Engagement through Public Communication]
  • Foundations: Mathematical Reasoning (3)
  • Foundations: Philosophical Ideas (3)
  • Foundations: Christian Tradition (3) [THL110 - Christian Tradition, Then and Now]
  • Explorations: Understanding Natural Science (3) [BIO149 - Biology for the Non-Science Major]
  • Explorations: Understanding Social Science (3) [PSY201 - Introduction to Psychology]
  • Explorations: Global Perspectives in History (3)
  • Explorations: Literature (3) [ILS371]
  • Explorations: Ethics (3)
  • Explorations: Biblical Tradition (3) [THL217 - Biblical Tradition: Social Justice in the Old Testament]
  • Critical Issues (3) [CPS170 - Privilege, Power and Difference]
  • Intersections (3) [CPS400 - What Really Matters: Discernment, Conscience, Compassion]


The following additional courses must be completed, or satisfied through coursework that is transferred from another accredited academic institution:

Interprofessional Collaborative Care

  • Interprofessional: IPE500 - Introduction to Collaborative Care (1)


Leadership Studies (18)

  • ILS303 - Ethical Dimensions of Leadership (3)
  • ILS306 - Leadership and Social Justice (3)
  • ILS320 - Leadership and Organizational (3)
  • ILS331 - Healthcare and Society (3)
  • ILSXXX - (3)
  • ILSXXX - (3)


EMS or Other Electives (12)

  • EMSXXX - (3)
  • EMSXXX - (3)
  • EMSXXX - (3)
  • EMSXXX - (3)


EMS Capstone Portfolio

  • EMS499 - EMS Capstone Portfolio (3)

Admissions Requirements

How to Apply

  • Application for admission will be submitted to Creighton University, College of Professional Studies
  • Submission of official transcripts from all prior institutions attended, including high school and post-secondary institutions
  • Copies of current NREMT paramedic certification and unencumbered state licenses/certifications
  • Resume
  • Personal statement that describes a) professional experience to date in EMS, b) motivation for pursuing a BSEMS degree and future goals, c) reason for selecting Creighton University
  • Three recommendations addressing academic and personal attributes (instructor, employer, professional colleague)

Tuition & Scholarships


$470/credit hour

For questions about tuition, financial aid and scholarships, contact:
gpfinaid [at] creighton [dot] edu

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Tuition and fees for all programs

State Licensure Requirements

Creighton University, EMS Education program, conducts EMS courses with curricula based on the current United States Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National EMS Education Standards and Guidelines. Learn more.