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Are you fascinated by how governments function? Do you want to make a difference and have an impact on public policy? If so, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in international relations from Creighton University will be an important step toward your goal of having a meaningful life.

When you major or minor in international relations, you’ll examine global governance. Among the core issues are international conflict, inter-state cooperation, growing global integration, the role of international institutions and global nonprofit organizations, and the development and extension of international law.

International Relations Minor

The minor in international relations examines global governance, including such issues as international conflict, inter-state cooperation, growing global integration, the role of international institutions and global nonprofit organizations.

Legal Studies Minor

The legal studies minor explores the role of the law in society. This includes a close look at legal history and philosophy as well as legal institutions at all levels of government. In addition, this minor can help you reflect on and prepare for making career choices in fields such as law, court administration, law enforcement, and dispute resolution.


A bachelor’s degree in international relations from Creighton opens the door to a variety of careers:

  • Law
  • Business
  • Public administration
  • Journalism or public relations
  • Community service agencies
  • Public affairs
  • Education
  • Military, intelligence and anti-terrorism
  • Political campaign management or public office

Creighton international relations majors can learn data analysis skills, which are highly sought by firms that do market research, intelligence gathering, polling and risk analysis. Mastery of a foreign language further enhances your career prospects. Graduates who hold a BA in international relations also go on to specialized graduate education in law and government.

What You'll Learn

  • A comprehensive understanding of international governance, issues and politics
  • How to evaluate international conflict, interstate cooperation, growing global integration, and the role of international institutions and global nonprofit organizations
  • Insight into international law
  • Analytical thinking and methodological skills


International Relations BA Curriculum

Mastery of a foreign language during your course of study is strongly recommended.

Student Organizations

  • Pi Sigma Alpha: Political Science & International Relations

    Creighton has an active chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honor society. Pi Sigma Alpha members organize student-faculty events and host outside speakers on campus. It was established in 1977 and is popular with international relations majors. Since 2000, seven Creighton students have been awarded “Best Paper” or “Best Thesis Paper” by Pi Sigma Alpha’s national office.

  • Journal of Political Research

    Creighton’s Journal of Political Research is student-led and student-edited. The journal publishes research papers written by undergraduate students from across the country.

  • International Relations Club

    The International Relations Club (IRC) is ideal if you have special interests in international politics. The IRC sponsors speakers, campus crisis simulations, and award-winning delegations to Model United Nations conferences across the country and around the world.

  • Model United Nations

    Creighton’s Model United Nations team participates in several Model UN conferences throughout the year. Students have traveled to conferences in Boston, Montreal, Chicago, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Brazil and Singapore.

  • Student Government and Political Party Work

    Creighton students are encouraged to become active in Student Government and Political Party Work (College Republicans or College Democrats) and off-campus political activities.

  • Midwest Undergraduate Political Science Research Conference

    Each spring students have the opportunity to attend the annual Midwest Student Research Conference held at various colleges and universities. You could present research papers and discuss your research with undergraduates from other schools at the Midwest Undergraduate Political Science Research Conference.

  • Public Affairs Colloquium (Brown-Baggers)

    Several times a semester, students and faculty gather over lunchtime for speakers, research presentations or discussion on current political topics. The Public Affairs Colloquium is a great opportunity for informal interaction by students, faculty and staff.


Capitol Hill Internship Program

Through the Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP), you could spend a semester living and working in Washington, D.C., the hub of U.S. politics and international relations. You would work at a compelling internship 4 days a week (32 hours) and attend classes 1 day per week.  Creighton’s CHIP townhouse is a short walk from Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, the House and Senate Office Buildings, Union Station (and its Metro station), the Capitol Mall and museums, restaurants and galleries.

State and Local Internships

The Department of Political Science and International Relations actively places students in internships with city, state and local government, as well as with local interest groups and nonprofits. During election years, many students also intern with local political campaigns.

Legislature Page Internships

Some students choose to be a page for the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. For more information, contact Clerk of the Legislature.

Research Opportunities

Creighton students in international relations and political science present their research at professional conferences such as the Midwest Political Science Association meeting in Chicago. Faculty members also involve students in research, including collaboration on published research articles.

Admissions Requirements

Learn about general admission requirements at Creighton University or learn about how to transfer credits to Creighton.

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