Mathematics (Undergraduate Certificate)

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Creighton’s Undergraduate Certificate in mathematics is ideal if you:

  • Are considering an undergraduate degree in the field
  • Want to enhance a bachelor’s degree with deeper knowledge in mathematics
  • Want to take advantage of Creighton University’s highly regarded mathematics department and earn a certificate from a top-ranked university

Courses required in this programs meet some of the major requirements for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. When you pursue a certificate, you’ll be challenged to examine the complexity and precision of mathematics by exploring mathematical concepts and theories. In addition, you’ll learn how to solve problems with quantitative relationships.


Students who obtain a certificate in mathematics have a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, which will be helpful in a variety of career settings, including education, business and management.

What You'll Learn

  • The complexity and precision of mathematics
  • Mathematical concepts and theories
  • How to solve problems with quantitative relationships
  • Calculus
  • Algebra


Admissions Requirements

Visit the College of Professional Studies for admissions information.

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