Secondary School Teaching (Co-major)

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No doubt about it, teaching is a demanding profession that offers incredible personal rewards to those who are called to teach. If you thrive on interaction with young people and enjoy a sense of service, Creighton University’s secondary education program will prepare you to make a difference.

Great teachers:

  • Foster curiosity and creativity in students and maximize imagination
  • Challenge students, and develop within them character and responsibility
  • Provide students with knowledge and skills needed for productive lives
  • Continually search for effective ways to motivate them to learn

Creighton’s Department of Education strives to help you become the best teacher you can be.

At Creighton, you’ll:

  • Have opportunities for extensive field work, even in your freshman year
  • Complete a solid liberal arts core, in addition to a major and co-major
  • Be exposed to a Jesuit tradition that will help guide you throughout life
  • Set your expectations high, in programs that are fully accredited by state, regional and national agencies

Creighton’s program in secondary education is a co-major that you will take along with an approved major in a broad field or a specific subject area.

  • Field endorsements are offered in art, language arts, mathematics, science and social science.
  • Subject endorsements are offered in English, French, history, religious education and Spanish.

Building on Your Undergraduate Degree

For students who elect to pursue graduate study and are interested in working in Catholic schools, the Magis Catholic Teacher Corps prepares and supports highly motivated, faith-filled teachers to work in under-resourced Catholic schools.


Demand for teachers varies by region and teaching level, but overall, demand is expected to grow by 6% for high school teachers and 12% for middle school teachers by 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The median annual wage for middle school and high school teachers nationwide in 2012 ranged from $53,430-$55,050.

Graduates of Creighton’s program in secondary education have accepted positions in every corner of the city and beyond. They are employed in large and small schools systems, public and private, including:

  • Omaha Public Schools
  • Omaha Catholic Schools
  • Fr. Leavenworth School District
  • Hawaii Department of Education
  • Norfolk Public Schools
  • Papillion-LaVista Schools
  • Millard Public Schools
  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps
  • Bright Horizon’s Family Solutions
  • Kansas City Public Schools

Graduates have been accepted into graduate programs at:

  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Creighton University
  • Santa Clara University
  • Washington State University
  • School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

What You'll Learn

  • Foster curiosity and creativity in students and ignite their imagination
  • Challenge students, and develop within them character and responsibility
  • Impart knowledge and skills that young people need for productive lives
  • Search for new and effective ways to motivate your students


Admissions Requirements

Before registering for upper level (300 and above) courses, students will need to receive formal admission to Creighton’s Department of Education.

To be considered for admission, students must receive a grade of 2.0 or higher in EDU 170 and 211.

Learn more about Admissions Requirements for Creighton University.

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