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Whether you want to take a stronger leadership role in your church or lay the foundation for seminary, the Associate in Arts in theology at Creighton will help you accomplish your goals.

To accommodate your busy life, we offer classes during the day and in the evening. You’ll earn your associate degree from Creighton University, consistently ranked among the finest Midwestern universities in the United States. Creighton’s Department of Theology is highly regarded and the University has a reputation for outstanding academic rigor, community service and commitment to those who are underprivileged.

In addition, Creighton is home to an active Jesuit community of teachers and scholars.


Those who earn an associate degree in theology are poised to take leadership roles in their church or non-profit service organizations. Others pursue it to gain a better academic and spiritual foundation as they enter the seminary or in their educational and teaching roles.

What You'll Learn

  • To communicate clearly and effectively in theological research papers and oral presentations
  • To think critically about information, historical/intellectual contexts, and arguments regarding theological issues
  • To integrate broad and diverse learning within Theology
  • To appreciate the Christian, Catholic, and Jesuit traditions in the context of historical, cultural, and spiritual concerns
  • To apply a reasoned approach to effective decision-making according to sound and coherent ethical principles


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