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August 20, 2012
Farmland Prices Surge Across the Plains States

Wall Street Journal, Aug. 16, 2012
Creighton Economic Professor Ernie Goss is quoted in the article looking at the impact of the drought on farmland prices.
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Without Conboy, case will be made for government merger

Omaha World-Herald, Aug 17, 2012
A proud product of Catholic schooling, Martin J. Conboy III attended Holy Cross, then Creighton Prep, and later graduated from Creighton University's law school in 1980. He'd originally planned to be a teacher.
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Popular posters through the generations

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 20, 2012
Lucas Novotny, a resident director at Creighton University in Omaha, said the school has rules on what's allowed on dorm walls. Even though there are rules, he said, students have a good sense of what's appropriate. He said that's why you're likely to spot an art poster in the Creighton dorms rather than anything wild.
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New grading system the 4th in 4 years is more fair, OPS says

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 20, 2012
At Creighton University, the admissions department has an academic counselor who reads all OPS applications, said Sarah Richardson, director of admissions and scholarship. The counselor is well-informed about the changes the district has made, she said.
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UNL will offer Zipcar rentals for students

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 18, 2012
Creighton University began offering Zipcars in 2010. About 240 Creighton students have joined the service, also open to faculty, family members and others associated with Creighton, said Transportation Director Mark Simanek.
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Kyle Korver brings keen eye, paintbrush to north Omaha

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 19, 2012
The activity Saturday brought at least 150 volunteers in addition to Dotzler and Korver. Dotzler said among the former players on hand were Nate Funk, Larry House and Michael Lindeman. Among the current players were Doug McDermott, Will Artino and Josh Jones.
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Basketball only a foundation for House

NCAA, Aug. 17, 2012
House returned to Creighton in August 2011, eight years removed from the last time hed lowered his athletic frame into a wobbly college desk. Four classes and five daunting months separated him from a degree and the potential for a steady career off of the court and a stable life for his young family.
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