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August 11, 2016
Editorial: Hearney was a scientist, mentor

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 10, 201
The world’s medical understanding of health needs for the elderly was tremendously advanced by Heaney’s pioneering work revealing that osteoporosis is a disease that causes bone fractures and death.
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Science Says You Really Can Blame Your Parents For Your Bad Money Habits

Forbes, Aug. 10, 2016
"Our research shows that the money patterns we observe in childhood are the primary source driving our financial decision-making later in life," says Edward Horwitz, professor at Creighton University.
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How to Escape the Bad Money Habits You Picked Up From Your Parents

Learn Vest, Aug. 8, 2016
“Children primarily learn from modeling, and we all have a tendency to pick up the behaviors of our parents,” says Brad Klontz, professor at Creighton University.
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Beals: Ethics commitment always pays off

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 10, 2016
The Business Ethics Alliance, a program affiliated with Creighton University, recently highlighted research from the Journal of Business Ethics, which suggested that stressful situations at work may lead decision makers to act unethically.
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How Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos turned unthinkable misery into pure magic

PhillyVoice, Aug. 10, 2016
Today, Krissy Dorenbos, now Kristina Simeone, is a Ph.D. at Creighton University, in Omaha, Nebraska. She is one of the country’s leading researchers on epilepsy and how a special high-fat regiment, called the ketogenic diet and is effective in controlling seizures in patients who don’t respond to currently available medications.
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