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August 31, 2016
Will Rising Interest Rates Hurt Stocks?

Yahoo! News, Aug. 31, 2016
Johnson said he and his colleagues, Gerald Jensen of Creighton University and Luis Garcia-Feijoo of Florida Atlantic University, found that from 1966 through 2013, when interest rates were falling, the Standard & Poor's 500 index returned 15.2 percent compounded annually.
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The President, the Fed, Political Gridlock and the Political Calendar

The Huffington Post, Aug. 30, 2016
Along with Gerald Jensen of Creighton University, I jointly analyzed stock market returns relative to the political party of the president, the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, the year of the president’s term and the state of political gridlock (that is, if the Presidency, the House, and the Senate were under one party’s control).
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Wyatt Returns to Missouri With MOSEIA

The Missouri Times, Aug. 29, 2016
“This seemed to be a good fit, especially since while I was in undergrad up in Creighton, I was able to take a lot of sustainable design classes, which was quite interesting. It fueled my passion for the solar industry and renewables in general,” Zachary Wyatt said.
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26th Annual Women and Health Lecture set for Sept. 14

KIOS, Aug. 30, 2016
Novelist and journalist Geraldine Brooks is the guest speaker at the 26th annual Women and Health Lecture, sponsored by the Center for Health Policy and Ethics at Creighton University.
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Seeking More Diverse Doctors for Omaha, New Program Puts UNO Undergrads on Path to UNMC

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 30, 2016
Creighton University offers a year of additional academic preparation after undergraduate school to improve the chances that underrepresented students may enter medical and dental school. Completing the program leads to guaranteed admission for dental school and improves a student’s chances at getting into med school.
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Attorney John R. Sodoro Dies at 62; 'If You Knew Him, You Liked Him'

Omaha World-Herald, Aug. 30, 2016
Attorney John R. Sodoro spent his life helping the Omaha community. Sodoro graduated from Omaha Creighton Prep and earned his undergraduate and law degrees from Creighton University.
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Knowing How Esbriet Works for Pulmonary Fibrosis May Help Improve Safety, Efficacy

Pulmonary Fibrosis News, Aug. 29, 2016
The team of researchers led by Dr. Yaping Tu of the Department of Pharmacology at Creighton University School of Medicine, in Omaha, Nebraska, used a GeneChip microarray to screen for genes that were rapidly up regulated when human lung fibroblast cells were exposed to Esbriet.