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July 6, 2012
Creighton University Solar Project Surpasses Two Year Milestone, July 4, 2012
Independence Day 2012 is a good time to reflect on the two year anniversary of Creighton University's (CU) energy independence initiative and having the state's largest solar array.
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Midlands physicists help snag ‘God particle'

Omaha World-Herald, July 5, 2012
Janet Seger, chairwoman of the physics department at Creighton University, described the finding as astonishing and beautiful — astonishing because scientists have been able to accumulate evidence on the existence of particles that are tinier than atoms, and beautiful in its confirmation of long-accepted theory.
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Getting enough vitamin D could mean eating 8˝ lbs. of cheese

Omaha World-Herald, July 6, 2012
Robert P. Heaney, a professor of medicine at Creighton University, said upward of 2,000 units is likely to be most effective. “Vitamin D does for our bodies what preventative maintenance does for our automobiles,” Heaney said. “If you don't change the oil in your car, does it run OK? Sure it does. It just breaks down a lot sooner.”
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'Star-Spangled Banner,' a difficult, powerful and puzzling song

Omaha World-Herald, July 4, 2012
Frederick Hanna, Chairman of the Fine and Performing Arts Department at Creighton University, was asked for a reflection on the song. The tune is difficult to sing, with large intervals within the melodic line as well as a wide range from the low pitch at the beginning to the high pitch in the middle. The range covers one octave plus a perfect fifth. This may be why pop singers forever sing their own arrangements.
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