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July 5, 2016
Manufacturing slows in June for both Minnesota and Midwest

Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 1, 2016
"We are definitely recording this pullback in sales" in the ag and energy sectors, Goss said.
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Business growth in Arkansas pulls back in June, economy largely escapes Brexit hangover

KATV Arkansas, July 5, 2016
"In 2015, Arkansas exported $170 million in goods to Great Britain representing less than 0.14 percent of the state's gross domestic product," Goss said. "Thus, significant increases in the value of the dollar versus the pound sterling, or a British recession will have only a small, negative impact on the state economy."
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Creighton University report shows drop in Iowa economic conditions

Radio Iowa, July 1, 2016
“One in six firms expect layoffs, not good,” Goss said. “One in four firms, on the other hand, expect additions – anticipate hiring – so that’s good. The remaining 58-percent expect no change. All in all, I’d argue that’s pretty good.”
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Middle-class poverty in the US: nearly half of all Americans can't come up with $400

The Australian Financial Review, July 1, 2016
"You are more likely to hear from your buddy that he is on Viagra than that he has credit-card problems," says Brad Klontz, a financial psychologist who teaches at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and ministers to individuals with financial issues.
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Vitamin D deficiency could increase risk of diabetes related coronary heart disease, July 5, 2016
Researchers from Creighton University School of Medicine have linked vitamin D deficiency with the development and progression of coronary heart disease (CAD), a common serious diabetes complication.
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Ricketts Appoints Schreiner to First Judicial District Vacancy

Omaha Daily Record, July 5, 2016
Schreiner holds a bachelor of science in criminal justice management from LaSalle University and a juris doctor from Creighton University School of Law.
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