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June 13, 2017
Former U. S. Surgeon General to Speak at 2017 Trauma Symposium

KIOS, June 8, 2017
Creighton Professor of Surgery, Dr. Juan Asensio, Chief of the Division of Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care at Creighton University School of Medicine, says Carmona’s talk will include the part politics plays in the role of a Surgeon General.
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Want to keep your job? Show up and play well with others

Wichita Eagle, June 10, 2017
This concerned Utash so much that she hired Monica Stewart a year ago as WATC’s director of strategic innovations. Stewart had done her doctoral dissertation at Creighton University on workplace “soft skills.”
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Mosquito spread illness still a threat

KLAZ, June 13, 2017
Dr. Theodore Burk, Creighton University entomologist, says although West Nile Virus cases have declined, it could still be a threat.
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Caffeine and Carrots Can Help Protect You From The Sun

Press and Dakotan, June 9, 2017
According to Creighton University dermatologist Dr. Christopher Huerter, studies have revealed that drinking around four cups of coffee a day could decrease your risk of getting melanoma by 20 percent.
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