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June 6, 2019

Henry Lynch, celebrated as father of cancer genetics, dies at 91

Washington Post, June 4, 2019
His death was announced by Creighton University in Omaha, where he spent nearly his entire career, and where he founded the Hereditary Cancer Center in 1984.
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Is Investing in Rideshares a Good Idea?

US News & World Report, June 4, 2019
"I have no idea how anyone can properly value Uber or Lyft," says Robert R. Johnson, a finance professor at Creighton University's Heider School of Business.
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Creighton economist expects Nebraskans to hit Council Bluffs for sports betting

Radio Iowa, June 4, 2019
A Creighton University economics professor predicts many Nebraska sports fan will start trekking to Iowa for game days because the state’s casinos will soon start taking bets on sporting events.
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Mosquito Numbers Expected to Rise in Nebraska Because of Flooding

NET Radio, June 3, 2019
Ted Burk, Creighton biology professor, said mosquitoes breed in small pools of water, so standing flood or rain water makes for great breeding grounds. Burk said eliminating those small pools will greatly reduce the risk of West Nile and other illnesses. However, people should take other precautions.
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Nebraska’s Creighton University Launches FinTech Degree Program

Insurance Journal, May 29, 2019
Creighton’s new Finance and Technology (FinTech) major will allow students to gain a thorough understanding of how new technologies such as Blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence are disrupting traditional financial institutions, and how these institutions are starting to respond, the university said. Read Full Story