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May 5, 2010

Creighton in the News

Solar project to power CU campus
Omaha World-Herald, May 5, 2010
Creighton University will soon produce the most solar power in Nebraska, enough juice to keep the electricity humming in three large campus buildings.
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Creighton Campus to House Solar Panel Project
KETV, May 4, 2010
An array of solar panels marks the beginning of an effort by Creighton University to broaden its focus on green technology.
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CU group rushes to Gulf Coast
Omaha World-Herald, May 4, 2010
Seizing on a favorable weather forecast, Creighton University researchers plan to rush a specially equipped plane to the Mississippi coast Tuesday to shoot high-tech pictures of a nature reserve before an oil spill fouls it.
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Mid-America economy remains in growth mode-survey, May 3, 2010
Creighton University's Business Conditions Index slipped to 61.7 in April from 64.3 in March.
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Impressions of a Berkshire Virgin
The Motley Fool, May 4, 2010
On Friday, fellow Fool Andy Louis-Charles and I attended the value investor panel put together by the portfolio practicum class of Creighton University College of Business.
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McDermott: Player defections are a sign of the times
Omaha World-Herald, May 1, 2010
Greg McDermott had four consecutive losing seasons at Iowa State. But what stains McDermott’s time in Ames isn’t defeat, but dramatic roster turnover.
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