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May 17, 2018

Monarch butterflies will reach Nebraska by Memorial Day

KIOS, May 16, 2018
Dr. Ted Burk, Professor of Biology at Creighton University, says the butterflies that will make their way across the state are the offspring of the monarchs who migrated through the area last fall.
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Column: Even a 'no doubt' death penalty is fatally flawed

Chicago Tribune, May 15, 2018
For example, an analysis by Creighton University economist Ernest Goss published in 2016 found that, "for the two-year period, 2012 and 2013, the average U.S. state with the death penalty would have saved $46,474,823 had the state eliminated the death penalty and replaced (it) with life without parole."
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Rural Mainstreet Index up for fourth straight month

WIBW, May 17, 2018
According to a newly released survey from Creighton University, the rural economy is recovering to catch up with its urban counterparts.
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Kelly: Omaha native Cathy Hughes, the 2nd-richest black woman in U.S., is 'thrilled' to come home

Omaha World-Herald, May 16, 2018
Her father was the first African-American to graduate with an accounting degree from Creighton University.
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More college students in Nebraska are graduating in 4 years as schools' efforts pay off

Omaha World-Herald, May 14, 2018
"Our freshmen all create a four-year academic plan," said Mary Chase, a vice provost at Creighton. "We put them on a four-year track."
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