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October 28, 2011
Aspirin may cut risk of some cancers

Omaha World-Herald, Oct 28, 2011
Dr. Henry Lynch, director of Creighton University's Hereditary Cancer Center, helped coordinate an international study of people with a strong family history of colorectal cancer to test if a daily dose of aspirin can diminish the risk of getting that cancer.
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Hospital Stay for Nosocomial Pneumonia Shortened by Tapering Antibiotic

Family Practice News, Oct 27,2011
Dr. DestacheChrisDestache, Pharm.D., of Creighton University, said the effect of antibiotic de-escalation on resource utilization, particularly hospital length of stay and cost of hospitalization, has not been examined.
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Creighton University Service Site

Sienna Francis House Newsletter,
Fall, 2011 Every Monday evening, a group of 10-12 Creighton University students spend time at the Siena/Francis House with our homeless guests. However, the service that these students provide to guests is much different than the average volunteering that happens at the Siena/Francis House.
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NAACP Honors Community Standouts At Banquet

WOWT, Oct 27, 2011
NAACP hosted a banquet to honor local leaders who have fought for equality. Dr. Frank Peak, recentlyretired from Creighton University received the 2011 Freedom Fighter Award.
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Hope rests in people power

Omaha World-Herald, Oct 27,
2011 Nicole Dunn earned a doctorate from Creighton University and has become active in Occupy Omaha, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that has spread around the globe.
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Buffett tax impact could be frightful

Omaha World-Herald, Oct 28.2011
Creighton University professor gives his opinion on Obama’s 2011 jobs bill, in which the administration proposed the "Buffett tax" to snare millionaires who are not paying what President Barack Obama calls their "fair share."
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Creighton set for road trip

Omaha World-Herald, Oct 27, 2011
Creighton needs to take another step forward, coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth says, when the Bluejays hit the road this weekend to face Indiana State and Illinois State.
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Jays eye forward progress with pass

Omaha World-Herald, Oct 26, 2011
McDermott believes that his team can improve in that aspect, and he's banking on three new players — two of whom were already in the program — to help get the job done.
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