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Creighton Lecture Focuses on Africa’s Importance for the United States

Creighton Lecture Focuses on Africa’s Importance for the United States

Creighton University will host a lecture by world-renowned Jesuit leader in social analysis and director of the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR), the Rev. Peter Henriot, S.J., at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 14 in St. John’s Church on campus.

Henriot’s talk – “Why is Africa Important for the U. S. at this Time?” – reflects on the political, economic and moral reasons that Africa will have significance for developments in the United States.

Henriot is a speaker, writer and researcher on issues involving social justice, globalization and Africa and will be giving the keynote address at the Africa Faith and Justice Network Conference later this month in Washington, D. C. An American Jesuit, Henriot has worked in Zambia since 1989, where he serves as the director of the JCTR, a project that assists the local community in matters of political, economic and social justice concerns. He is now a member of the Zambia-Malawi Province of the Society of Jesus.

Henriot is the author of numerous articles, both scholarly and popular, on socio-economic development and on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the co-editor of “The Pastoral Circle Revisited: A Critical Quest for Truth and Transformation,” “Catholic Social Teaching: Our Best Kept Secret,” and “Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice.” He is the author of “Opting for the Poor: The Challenge for the Twenty-First Century.” He is also a weekly columnist for The Post, Zambia’s independent newspaper.

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The lecture is sponsored by the Collaborative Ministry Office, the Creighton University Jesuit Community, The Creighton Center for Service and Justice, the Justice and Peace Studies Program and the Graff Chair in Catholic Theology.

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