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Creighton University Announces Online Masterís in Information Technology Management

Creighton University Announces Online Masterís in Information Technology Management

New program combines IT with business skills to train leaders in the field

To meet the need for effective managers in the rapidly growing field of information technology, Creighton University has added a Masterís of Science in Information Technology Management to its portfolio of online programs.

As businesses and organizations continue to turn to technology to improve performance and stay competitive, they need leaders who can manage processes, systems, and people, as well as provide a global, strategic perspective on potential applications and uses of IT.

The online MS in Information Technology Management is designed for IT professionals who want to move into these leadership roles. The MSITM curriculum merges information technology and business leadership by focusing on professional skills like team management, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication in combination with emerging technologies and the strategic enhancement of business functions through IT applications.

The program contains two concentrations.

  • Workers in clinical settings and IT professionals interested in the health care industry should consider the Health Information Management concentration. Coursework emphasizes the specific needs of the healthcare industry to create managers who can successfully identify and implement innovative IT solutions for this specialized field.

  • The Leadership concentration is for IT professionals in any industry who want to learn about how IT fits into the larger corporate strategy context. Students will learn about emerging technologies and receive training in budget planning, quantitative and qualitative decision-making, and ethics.

Graduates of the program are trained to go on to successful leadership roles as Team Managers, Project managers, Security Officers, and IT Strategy Leaders.

ďThe masterís program in Information Technology Management is an exploration of the synergy between technology and business,Ē said Dr. Ravi Nath, Program Director for MSITM ďBy bringing this program online, we aim to take a larger role in training the next generation of leaders and visionaries who will influence how information technology contributes to business success,Ē

This program currently requires a one-week residency at Creighton. For additional information about Creighton University, go to

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