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Creighton Presents BioVenture 2010

Creighton Presents BioVenture 2010

The Creighton College of Business will host BioVenture 2010 at 5 p.m on Wednesday, Nov. 17 in the Mike and Josie Harper Center located at 602 N. 20th St.

BioVenture is Creighton’s annual Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program annual business plan competition. Students from the areas of science, law, business and health sciences will present their plans for local bioscience inventions and the audience chooses the winner.

The tax deductible price of admission is $100 ($20 for students), which attendees will be asked to present to the team whose project they feel is most likely to succeed.

Cocktails and light refreshments will be served following the presentations during the question and answer session with the presenters.

The three presentations chosen for BioVenture 2010 are:

  • MedLetters – a user-friendly, web-based tool for doctors to communicate diagnoses, treatment plans, and follow-up instructions to patients and their families.
  • Transgenomics/Cold PCR – a new, less invasive cancer diagnostic tool that can potentially replace current diagnostics such as mammograms for breast cancer.
  • Kizer gastronasal tube – improvement to make feeding tubes currently used in hospitals, nursing homes and elsewhere less miserable in terms of insertion and long-term use.

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