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Creighton Staff Honored by Wellness Council of the Midlands

Creighton Staff Honored by Wellness Council of the Midlands

Two Creighton University employees were honored by the Wellness Council of the Midlands (WELCOM) for modeling successful changes in their health habits as individuals, as part of a team or as leaders. They were among 15 local business professionals honored at the annual award dinner Nov. 4.

The Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J., Creighton president, was recognized as a leadership advocate for healthy lifestyles for many years. Schlegel leads an active lifestyle, using the campus Kiewit Fitness Center for his daily workout routine. He plays racquetball, golf and hikes along with numerous other activities, serving as a role model for countless employees, alumni and friends of the University. Anthony Bull, Ph.D., associate professor, Department of Exercise Science, received a Healthy Behavior award. Bull, who was morbidly obese as an adolescent, eventually lost his excess weight through a regular program of physical activity and a balanced diet. He began competing in road races, cycling events and triathlons. He serves as an inspiration to others and a model regarding the power of diet and exercise over weight control.

The Light of Wellness Award was created to recognize the founder and inspiration for worksite wellness in America William M. Kizer. An Omahanative and business leader, Kizer founded the Wellness Council of the Midlands in 1982 and its national non-profit counterpart, the Wellness Councils of America, in 1987. Nominees have to meet criteria in five areas social, physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional health.

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