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Job Future Bright for Creighton Graduates

A year after their graduation from Creighton University, more than 90 percent of the school’s 2010 graduates are employed, volunteering or furthering their education, according to an annual study conducted by the John P. Fahey Career Center on the Creighton campus. The national average is 63.7 percent.*The University also boasts a wealth of internship opportunities available to students.

“This bodes well for our 2011 graduates,” said Jim Bretl, career center director. “National studies are beginning to reveal an optimistic view of the job market, with an overall 19.3 percent increase in placements over last year. Coupled with the number of internships and full-time positions listed by employers on our website and the active level of recruiting we’re seeing on campus, there is clear evidence that employers are interested in hiring Creighton graduates,” Bretl said.

According to the Creighton survey, the average starting salary for graduates from all Creighton undergraduate schools and colleges is higher than last year and there is an increase in the number of business students being employed -- more good signs for new graduates.

“Internships provide valuable work experience for students and Creighton enjoys the availability of diverse, varied opportunities. Almost 90 percent of our business graduates have at least one or more internship prior to graduation,” Bretl said.

Creighton also had a much greater response rate – 80 percent – to its outcomes survey than other institutions. National response rates compare at about 70.9 percent for all states in the Great Plains area, including Kansas, Iowa and the Dakotas, and about 64 percent for responding colleges with 5,000 to 8,000 students. “A higher response rate on the survey translates to better data,” Bretl added.

The academic quality of 2010 Creighton University graduates is also reflected in the high rate of acceptance into graduate and professional programs. In Creighton’s College of Arts and Sciences, it was nearly 60 percent when numbers of graduates who pursued advanced study one year after completion of their graduate degree were included. Across all Creighton schools and colleges, the acceptance rate into graduate and professional schools was 35.9 percent, compared to 22 percent nationally.

“Not only are our graduates attractive to employers, but they are also very well prepared and successful in applying to graduate and professional schools,” he noted.

*As reported in the “National Association of Colleges and Employers 2010-11 Career Services Benchmark Survey for Four-Year Colleges and Universities.

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