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Drs. Recker, Soukup Honored for their Creighton Research

Robert Recker, M.D., and Juliane Soukup, Ph.D., have earned the 2012 Creighton University Research Award. The awards are presented annually in February during the University’s Founders Week.

Recker, a 1963 Creighton medical school graduate, serves as director of the University’s world-renowned Osteoporosis Research Center and as chief of endocrinology.

Recker, who currently holds the position of National Osteoporosis Foundation president, is an internationally recognized leader in the field of metabolic bone disease research and clinical care. His 40-plus year career as physician-scientist includes laboratory and clinical research, teaching, patient care and professional leadership.

Soukup, who earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Creighton (1993) and doctoral degree from University of Nebraska Medical Center (1997), joined Creighton’s Department of Chemistry in 2000 as the Clare Boothe Luce Faculty Chair for Women in Science. Since then, she has proved a strong role model for women in science and a clear voice for undergraduate research.

Her research revolves around nucleic acid structure and function, and she is a recognized leader in structural biochemistry. She is a founder of the region’s Midwestern Structural Biochemistry Group.

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