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Creighton University’s Spring Break Service Trip Program Celebrates 30 Years

The Spring Break Service and Justice Trips program hosted by Creighton University’s Center for Service and Justice (CCSJ) will celebrate its 30th year by sending 175 students to 22 communities around the country March 2-10.

Seven students who spent a week in Appalachia, in March of 1983 founded the program. Since then more than four thousand Creighton students have given up their spring or fall weeklong breaks to serve and learn about social justice concerns such as poverty, immigration, homelessness and environmental justice. Read the student blogs here.

This spring’s program includes three trips in Omaha as well as two new sites including Albuquerque’s St. Martin’s Shelter and Chicago’s White Rose Catholic Worker House.

Several of the service sites will be hosted by CCSJ Service Trips alumni including Shelly Roder who works in Milwaukee, with Capuchin Volunteer Corps; Tim Sully with Omaha’s Siena/Francis House; Daniel Lawse with Sustainability in Omaha; Anne O’Hara, Sarah Dworak, Emily Sutton and Dr. Alex Dworak with Omaha’s OneWorld Community Health Centers; and John Bambrick-Rust who worked at Creighton’s Campus Ministry at Chicago’s White Rose Catholic Worker House.

The Creighton community will mission these students at 9 p.m. on March 1, at St. John’s Church. All are welcome.


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