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Creighton Student Receives MACURH award

Creighton University freshman, Walter Frank Eng, Los Altos, Calif., received a regional housing award in February from the Midwest Affiliate of College and Undergraduate Residence Halls (MACURH) No Frills conference. Called the First Year Experience award, it is given to a freshman who exemplifies outstanding potential to grow in leadership within the region. Eng is MACURH’s national communications coordinator-elect and is active in communication, program planning, diversity outreach, dining services advocacy and more.

MACURH is one of eight regions that make up NACURH, the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. As an affiliate, MACURH strives to follow the policies of the national association and provide a multitude of resources for College and University Residence Halls in the Midwest. The Midwest region is made up of seven states including Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Missouri as well as the province of Manitoba.

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