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Creighton University Announces Master of Public Health Degree

Creighton University is launching an innovative, online master’s degree program in public health (MPH) designed to help individuals in public health and related fields to understand health care reform and address disparities in health care availability.

The degree, one of only a few master of public health programs available that does not require a residency, is a convenient option for students to gain the skills and credentials needed to expand the scope of their service and embrace many opportunities for career advancement in this critically important field.

“As a society, we recognize that addressing the health and wellness needs of our communities requires an understanding of the determinants of health that can result in health care disparities and inequities,” says Sherry Fontaine, Ph.D., program director. “Our new online program is a community-focused program that encompasses the core components of public health and includes additional areas such as public health ethics, community assessment, and community-based participatory research that directly address the health care concerns of at-risk populations and contributes to the development of healthy communities. These skills will ultimately help our graduates meet the public’s health care needs through a variety of occupations and career fields with the compassion and spirit of service that is the hallmark of Creighton’s Jesuit tradition.”

The program includes two available concentrations – health policy and ethics and public health service administration – allowing students to customize their degrees to individual interests and career goals.

The health policy and ethics concentration features courses on health-related law, social and cultural contexts of bioethics, and mechanisms of health policymaking at the institutional, state and federal levels.

The public health services administration concentration prepares graduates to pursue leadership and management roles in companies and agencies that serve the public in health- and wellness-related industries by emphasizing administrative skills and strategies in the rapidly evolving health care marketplace.

“What’s really been remarkable is the growing diversification of industries that are now actively seeking professionals with advanced public health training,” says Fontaine. “A master’s in public health has always been a sought-after degree for doctors, nurses, social workers, health care administrators and those in the research community. But we’re now seeing economists, pharmaceutical executives, occupational and physical therapists, dietitians and nutritionists, and even attorneys seek out these skills. Any kind of public service now involves interaction with culturally, socially and economically diverse communities.”

Creighton’s online MPH degree program is the newest degree program from the University’s esteemed Center for Health Policy and Ethics (CHPE). CHPE is one of the largest centers of this kind globally, and its multidisciplinary group of scholars is committed to the study and teaching of ethical dimensions of health care and health policy consistent with Creighton’s commitment as a Catholic, Jesuit comprehensive university.

Enrollment for the online public health master’s degree program at Creighton University is now open with classes beginning in January 2013. For more information, visit

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