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COPIC Medical Foundation Funds Birthing Simulator for Creighton School of Medicine

The Creighton University School of Medicine has announced that COPIC Medical Foundation of Denver, Colorado will make a $175,000 gift to support the school’s medical simulation activities. The donation will fund a birthing simulator that will allow future obstetricians and other perinatal team providers to develop necessary patient care skills, practice skills and techniques for high-risk birth situations risk free. The gift also includes two METI Pelvic Exam Sims that prepare students and medical professionals to perform sensitive female pelvic examinations.

“The maternal and neonatal and pelvic exam simulators help us provide students a technologically advanced learning environment that simulates actual patient care,” said Donald Frey, M.D. and Creighton University’s vice president for Health Sciences. “Clinical skills assessment and simulation centers have become a prerequisite for all contemporary health education institutions.”

The “technologically smart” simulators are replicas of the human body—life-sized mannequins with pulmonary, cardiovascular and other systems mimicking human physiology that enable students to practice procedures. The computer-driven simulators can be programmed to replicate a variety of medical scenarios that a female patient may face while giving birth and help provide critical training in situations that range from standard deliveries to complications such as shoulder dystocia. In addition, the mannequins can be set-up to “deliver” a baby every 20 minutes.

“The simulation equipment is an important part of the future of education in health care, and the grant helps current and future doctors in quality improvement in the ever-changing field of education,” said Ted Clarke, M.D., CEO of COPIC and a board member for its Medical Foundation.

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