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Creighton announces 2016 summer undergraduate research awardees

CURAS has announced its 2016 summer undergraduate research awardeesCreighton University’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, known as CURAS, has announced its 2016 summer undergraduate research awardees. The scholarships are open to full-time undergraduate students who will return to Creighton in the fall for full-time study. Scholarships fund full-time research for 10 weeks in the summer. At Creighton, 33 percent of undergraduates participate in research.

Students who received awards receive a $3,500 stipend and $500 to use for supplies related to their project. Sponsoring faculty members receive a $1,000 honorarium.

Below are the 36 awardees and their research topic.

College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars:

Kate Albrecht, “Digital History: a new way of engaging millennials with the past”
Faculty mentor: Dr. Simon Appleford

Lulu Alvarez, “Portrayal of Hispanic Women and Its Impact on Ideas about Body Image and Health Through Television Commercials: A Content Analysis”
Faculty mentor: Dr. Jose McClanahan

Juan Carlos Chavez, “Centralizing, Optimizing, and Applying Creighton University's Public Data Streams to Production Ready Applications”
Faculty mentor: Dr. Mark Wierman

Shannon Cooney, “The Effects of Leader-Subordinate Mental Model Congruency on Creative Problem Solving Performance and Commitment”
Faculty mentor: Dr. Joshua Fairchild

Olivia Lonetti, “Art History for Every Child: Museum Education and Community Outreach” Faculty mentor: Dr. Matthew Averett

John Mangles, “Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution”
Faculty mentor: Dr. Randall Crist

Sofia Paz, “Intention, Responsibility & Racism”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Graham

Jacob Recker, “Maintaining Culturally Competent Healthcare for Hispanic and Latino Immigrants to the United States”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Heinemann

Tinotenda Sekeramayi, “Culture and Cognition: An Examination of Cognitive Categorization and Developmental Timing in Zimbabwe”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jill Brown

Audrey Sisel, “The Marshall House Killings: Navigating Union Rule in occupied Alexandria during the civil war”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Simon Appleford

Haley Sturges, “Moral Reconation Therapy in Federal Probationers: Determining Program Efficacy and Importance as a Measure in Reducing Rates of Recidivism”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Huss

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Ferlic Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars:

Tyler Bendrick, “CDC25A Inhibition in Squamous Cell Carcinoma”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Hansen

Natalie Bui, “Improvement of Electrochemiluminescent Sensor Performance in the Detection of Biogenic Amines on Microfluidic Devices”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erin M. Gross

Evan Dalton, “Syntheses of Lanthanide Thiosulfates”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Villa

Christie Dang, “Post-pollination development in the water-pollinated flowering plant Stuckenia pectinata”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mackenzie Taylor

Alison Guyer, “Identifying Mechanisms of Genome Stability in Evolved Tetraploid Cells”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anna Selmecki

Jacquelyn Ho, “Using Fluorescence Studies to Investigate the Protein-Protein Interactions Involved in Gene Silencing”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lynne Dieckman

Sam Koshy, “Characterization of the role of redox-active cysteines in the regulatory function of DksA in the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Travis Bourret

Korey Krutsinger, “Structural Studies of the Eukaryotic OAZ1 RNA”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Soukup

Daniel Lynch, “Proposal for the Synthesis and Testing of THB, a Novel Sunscreen”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martin Hulce

Sruti Prathivadhi, “Modeling Cancer Metastasis through its Mechanical Properties” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Ekpenyong

Jackie Ramos, “Rheological study of dental materials containing microcapsule fillers”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Gross

Samuel Ruiz, “Control Program Upgrades for the STAR Experiment Slow Controls at Brookhaven National Laboratory”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Janet Seger

Eric Steele, “Developing methods to prepare Fmoc-His(4-Bn)(HBom)-OH” Faculty Mentor: Dr. D. David Smith

Tammy Tran, “Arthropod-borne disease etiology: Varroa mite saliva interactions and impact on viral infections in honey bees” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carol Fassbinder-Orth

CURAS Jesuit Mission Summer Undergraduate Research Awardees:

Caitlin Wright, “Cura Personalis and Sylvia Plath: The Imposed Limitations and Realities of the University Student in the 1950s and Today”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gregory Zacharias

Mary Elizabeth Yeh, “How Does Childhood Lead Exposure Impact Cognitive Function and Prefrontal Cortex Development in Children and Adolescents?”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maya Khanna

College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program Summer Research Fellows:

Nick Fischer, “Influence of Clinically Relevant CAD/CAM Zirconia Abutment Modification on Gingival Fibroblast Viability, Adhesion, and Normal Proliferation” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Baruth

Danielle Pham, “Vanishing Dissipation Limits for a Generalized Magneto-hydrodynamic Equation”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nathan Pennington

Drew Weiner, “Memory loss as self-enhancement: Memory bias in individualist and collectivist cultures”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Lee Budesheim

Department of History Summer Undergraduate Research Awardees:

Simone Hussussian, “The Democratization of the American Eugenics Regime” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Heather Fryer

Abigail Schrader, “Brains Behind Broadcasted Behavior”: The Science of Great Britain’s Wartime Propaganda During World War II
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Simon Appleford

Clare Boothe Luce Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarship Awardees:

Grace Kuhl, “Synthesis of New Anderson-type Polyoxometalate Ions”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Villa

Monika Satkauskas, “Release Rate of a Microencapsulated Antimicrobial Agent from a Dental Sealant”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Gross

Jewish Studies Undergraduate Research Awardees:

Isaac Brodkey, “Small-Town Jews in the Midwest As Seen Through Their Own Eyes and Through the Eyes of Others”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leonard Greenspoon

Ashley E. Young, “Jewish Identity and Religious Conception in Jewish-Christian Interfaith Teens in Omaha, Nebraska”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Zachary B. Smith

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