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Creighton Couples Share Love for the University, Each Other

With Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14, Bluejays take heart … love abides at Creighton.

Joshua and Kendra FershéeJosh Fershée, the recently arrived dean of the Creighton School of Law and his wife, Kendra, who is professor of family law, professional responsibility and civil procedure at the law school, are among several married couples who teach at the University.

Then there is Gerry Kuhlman, assistant dean in the College of Arts and Sciences, and his wife, Christine, who teaches an occasional course on online communications in the Department of Education.

Over at the Department of Psychiatry at the Creighton School of Medicine, Subhash and Shashi Bhatia show how it’s done, he as a professor of general psychiatry, she as a professor of psychiatry, child psychiatry and pediatrics.

The Fershées and the Kuhlmans have been objects of some attention on campus — the Fershées due to their recent arrival at Creighton, this being their first experience of teaching at a Jesuit school, and the Kuhlmans for their commitment and fortitude as they negotiate with great good nature Gerry’s blindness and Christine’s paralysis.

Christine and Gerry KuhlmanWorking in near proximity has its advantages and disadvantages, of course, but the 12 years Gerry and Christine Kuhlman have been together, and the 21 years of marriage celebrated by Josh and Kendra Fershée, lend weight to the happier side of the scale.

The Fershées, asked about the advantages of working in the same institution, cited convenience, efficiency and the easy availability of an “auxiliary brain.”

“We can talk about thorny legal questions while we’re making dinner at home, or think through thorny questions about the changing face of legal education while we’re on a walk,” the couple responded. “It might not be romantic, but we actually love what we do, and it’s wonderful to have a trusted and thoughtful partner as we think about ways to do our jobs better.”

Although the Kuhlmans only occasionally cross paths on campus, Christine being primarily a math teacher at Omaha South High School, her Creighton teaching duties mean they are often seen together.

“We ride to work together every day,” the couple responded. “The 45 minutes in the car with one another each day is time spent communicating about our days and weeks, telling stories, sometimes griping about whatever’s on our minds, laughing and enjoying one another’s company.

“We both went to Creighton as undergrads, and Creighton has been a huge part of our lives for many years. We have met most of our friends through Creighton and couldn’t imagine what life would be like without this wonderful place running through our veins.”

Subhash and Shashi BhatiaThe Bhatias cite the “convenience” of working in the same department and the “positive professional relationships” they have forged with faculty who make them feel very much part of the Creighton family.

With 48 years of marriage to their credit, the Bhatias have three children, all of whom are physicians.

So, as we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we sought a few occasion-appropriate sentiments, and were not disappointed.

“Not many people get to call their spouse their beloved, their best friend, their co-parent, their partner-in-crime, their confidante, their sounding board, and their trusted colleague all at the same time,” says Kendra Fershée. “Our 21 years of marriage have been a gift, and I can’t wait to see what the next 21-plus hold for us!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my brilliant and beautiful wife,” says Josh Fershée. “I am lucky to spend my personal and professional life with my very best friend, and I appreciate you each and every day.”

For Gerry and Christine Kuhlman, Valentine’s is present every day.

“We show our love every day by trying to be kind, considerate and thoughtful toward one another,” the couple responded. “Valentine’s Day is no different for us. Boring, eh?”

And for the Bhatias: “All along the relationship between us is anchored in mutual respect and support at all levels. We try to make every day of our life a Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy.”


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