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The Radlab Skills Academy is your hub for continuous education. The academy offers training in the latest technologies from supercomputing, to drone aviation, design thinking and beyond!

Creighton University badge programs offer you the unique opportunity to learn innovative skills and explore new technologies, working at your own pace. Start earning a badge today and discover the new skills you need to build an advantage in your career! To learn more about our current programs, please explore the content below!


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Badge FAQ

What is a Badge?

A badge is a micro-credential that can be displayed and shared as a part of your resume, portfolio, or social media profile. Badges are designed for students looking to sharpen their technical skill sets. Badge programs generally only require a short time commitment and are specifically created for students whom want to specialize in a unique area of study. Creighton University offers several unique programs. The Radlab Skills Academy Badges are awarded to students who successfully complete continuous education training exercises or courses in a highly technical area of study.

What are the benefits of earning a Badge?

  • Badges offer a modern method to showcase your skills!
  • Badges are accessible and portable credentials that can be used to represent your accomplishments for employers.
  • Because a badge is certified by Creighton University, they demonstrate authentic learning and hold considerable value beyond a paper certificate alone.
  • Badges are also stackable! Earning a series of badges can help you tell you illustrate your skills and areas of expertise!

How are Badges verified?

Badges at Creighton University use Badgr, a micro-credential management system, which verifies the skills you earn. Badges can be displayed digitally using LinkedIn, webpages, and other methods. When anyone clicks on your badge, they will see a dedicated webpage, which shows you have completed the course at Creighton University. The webpage also will display information about the badge, and the requirements for completion.

Badges issued by Creighton University are digitally encoded with information using the Mozilla Open Badge Framework. This special encoding verifies you completed the course. Badges can be downloaded and saved by the person holding the credential, without losing the badge's authenticity.