Diploma Replacement form and Certified Copy of Diploma form

Diplomas: Replacement and Certified Copies

Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Policy and Instructions     

At the time you complete your degree*, and once all of your financial obligations to Creighton University have been met, the University will provide you with a diploma.

In the case that your diploma is lost or destroyed, you may request a replacement.  The fee for a replacement is $50.  The replacement document will look like Creighton?s current diploma and include current officials? signatures. 

Click here for a Diploma Replacement request form.  The completed form must be signed and notarized.  Submit your form, along with a $50 check or money order payable to Creighton University.

Certified Copy of Diploma Instructions

Creighton keeps unofficial copies of only the professional degree diplomas --Medicine, Dental, Law, Pharmacy and Health Professions--on file for providing certified copies for credentialing purposes.

Click here for a form to request a Certified copy of your diploma. 


Submit either of these completed forms to:

Registrar?s Office
Creighton University
Brandeis Hall #202
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

Contact the Registrar's Office with questions: 402-280-2702 or registrar@creighton.edu.


*Creighton University confers degrees three times per year: May, August, and December.

Note:  A diploma should not be used as the standard for verifying an earned degree.  A transcript or verification from our office [via phone, letter, or the Student Clearinghouse verification] is the official means of providing proof of graduation. If an organization has a question about verifying your degree, please have them contact our office at 402-280-2702.