Registering on the NEST

How to Register for Courses on the NEST


At your appointed registration time, login to the NEST.  Click Student Services>Registration.

Select term.  Choose the term you want to register for, such as Fall 2019 or Summer 2019, then click Submit.  DON'T select Academic Year 2019-2020 unless you plan to register for year-long EDGE courses.

Find, select and register for courses with Add/Drop Classes or Look-up Classes to Add.

  • Add/Drop Classes is a fast, efficient way to register.  You must have a list of your CRNs BEFORE you start. 
    • Enter your Registration PIN, click submit. (You will get your PIN from your Advisor.)  Type CRNs in the Shopping Cart, then click "Register/Submit."
    • A list of Registered Classes with the status "Web Registered" appears when you have successfully added a course to your schedule.
    • If you choose a course with Variable Credits, you must indicate the number of credits you are registering for.  Click on the number of credits.  Change Class Options opens. Enter the number of desired credits and click "Save."
    • A "Registration Errors" message appears if there is a problem. Status indicates error type. To resolve the errors, see Registration Errors.
    • Click the "Class Search" button to continue searching.
    • DON'T use your browser's back button while registering.  Any CRNs you have entered in your Class Shopping Cart will be removed.


  • Look-up Classes to Add is an alternate way to register by searching for classes one at a time.  This search option tells you about seats available and other general information (class dates/times, instructor, location, etc.).
    • Search for courses following the instructions at the top of the Search page.  See Registration Resources for search tips.


  • To register with Look-up Classes, enter your search criteria then click "Section Search." Class Schedule Listing: Sections Found will open.
    • Find the section you want, click in the checkbox under the Select column.
    • "C" in the Select column means the course is closed.
    • Click the CRN for a course to see pre- or co-requisites, course attributes, available seats, and other information.
    • Click "Register/Submit" or "Add to Class Shopping Cart."
    • Click "Register/Submit" once more when you have finished adding classes to your schedule.

Verify your schedule on the Student Detail Schedule or My Detail Schedule (on the Registration menu).

If a course requires special consent or a waiver of pre- or co-requisites, YOU must receive override permission from the instructor or department.  See Overrides and Exceptions.

You can change your schedule any time until the last day to drop/add for a given semester.  See the current calendar for the deadline. 

Need a reminder of your Registration PIN?  Click "Forgot PIN?" on the Registration menu on your NEST account.