Gift Books

Gift Books


Mike Poma
Collections Management
(402) 280-2298 | Email

The Reinert-Alumni Library gratefully accepts donations of books, DVDs, CDs and other research materials. Gifts can often fill a special need, provide depth to existing collections, or replace lost or damaged titles. Occasionally, we may decline a gift if:

  • The materials are outside the scope of library collections.
  • They largely duplicate existing holdings.
  • They are in poor condition or heavily marked.
  • They come with specified restrictions such as shelving in a special area or usage restrictions.

Gift materials are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the Library. We will only add gifts that support the research and teaching mission of the University, in accordance with our Collection Development Policy. Remaining gift items may be sold when the Library holds a book sale.

Guidelines for Donating Material

Academic libraries have varied and specific needs that sometimes exclude items people frequently wish to donate, such as:

  • Standard editions of classic works which usually duplicate holdings
  • Textbooks that are out of date
  • Books printed on paper too brittle to be usable
  • Runs of popular magazines or journals already owned

The Library shares your concern that gift material actually will be used by students and faculty. Therefore, if you are considering donating to the Library, you are welcome to contact Mike Poma, the Collections Management Librarian, to discuss the usefulness of a proposed gift.

Acknowledgements and Memorials

If the donor wishes, the Reinert-Alumni Library will be happy to acknowledge each gift with a letter. However, IRS regulations do not allow us to provide any type of appraisal.

The library is pleased to grant requests that names be added to bookplates inserted in donated books which are added to library collections. These plates may bear the donor's name and/or the names of those in whose honor or memory the gift is made.