Order Books and Media

Order Books and Media


Rick Kerns
Head of Technical Services
Email | (402) 280-2228

Marcey Gibson
Acquisitions Specialist
Email | (402) 280-2830

Mike Poma
Collections Management
Email | (402) 280-2298

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Collection Development

The Reinert-Alumni Library adheres to a Collection Management Policy that stresses wise materials selection and fiscal responsibility towards the University budget. Questions about selecting material in print and electronic format may be addressed to Mike Poma, Collections Management Librarian.

Books and Media

As of Fiscal Year 2017/2018 the Library no longer provides specific dollar amount allocations to each academic department.  Instead, materials funds have been pooled, and faculty are encouraged to submit requests throughout the year.  Usage patterns will be monitored and departments will be notified if funds are getting low.  Departments that request very few or no materials by mid-year will be contacted.

All faculty are encouraged to submit requests for books, e-books, DVDs, and other media that focus as much as possible on "must have" materials that are the most essential to support their teaching and research. Orders can be submitted to Marcey Gibson, Acquisitions Specialist, in almost any form (order slips, book reviews, publisher's ads, emails, or spreadsheets). Faculty are also welcome to work with their department's library liaison. Complete orders include:

  • Author and title
  • Publisher, publication date, and edition (if applicable)
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or e-ISBN
  • Print or e-book/single-user or multi-user

Most books can be ordered in print or as single-user or multi-user e-books.  Faculty who would like the entire class to use a specific book, or who teach distance courses, should specify multi-user.

The Library provides several tools to select items for purchase and to find complete information (see at right). Faculty are encouraged to spread their orders between July 1st and the order deadline, which is in March on the Friday after spring break. Although "rush" requests will be expedited, please allow ample time for items to be received and processed.

Streaming Videos

Faculty may request the library to lease or purchase films in digital format for access via the web. Many films and film segments are already available from our current streaming media platforms, and additional titles are available from a variety of other film producers. Please read the libraries' Streaming Video Policy for request deadlines and contact Debra Sturges, Head of Access Services & Operations, with questions regarding streaming video purchases.

Using this flowchart should help explain the process a bit more.

New Journal Requests

The Library follows an annual review process to ensure that the journal collection, both print and electronic, serves the needs of Arts & Sciences and Business. Department chairs receive a list of journal subscriptions every year in April. Faculty are asked to review the list by June to confirm that titles match current needs. New journal requests and cancellations are submitted during the annual review process. Contact Rick Kerns, Head of Technical Services, for more information.

New Course Funds

Funds are available to develop and enhance the library collection especially in areas where little emphasis has been placed in the past. Funds are awarded on a one-time basis and must be expended within the fiscal year. The amount varies depending on the academic discipline, relative cost, projected enrollment, and the number of other new courses in need of support. Contact Mike Poma to make a request.