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Ebooks at Creighton


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The Creighton Libraries own or subscribe to electronic books on a variety of different platforms. Major platforms include: the eBook Collection from EBSCOhost (150,000 titles); ProQuest's Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) (1,300 fixed titles plus 22,985 click-to-buy titles); SpringerLink (60,300); eDuke Books (2,150); Project Muse (720); and ScienceDirect (565 titles).

How can I find e-books?

Most of the CU Libraries' ebook collections are included in JaySearch. You can also search each platform directly (see at right).

Can I access ebooks from off-campus?

Yes. When you use JaySearch from off campus, you will be prompted for your status at Creighton (e.g. student, faculty, staff, alumni) and then redirected to the Office 365 web page, where you can sign with your netID and password. You will then be able to open ebooks and other proprietary content in JaySearch.

Can I print or download ebooks?

Yes, in most instances you can copy or print portions of an ebook. However, just as hard copy books cannot legally be duplicated in full, copyright law also prohibits printing an entire ebook (unless it is already in the public domain). Allowances vary by publisher, but usually one chapter at a time is permitted. Downloading is another option, which can also vary:

EBSCOhost - eBooks can be downloaded for up to 14 days to selected devices. Please refer to Downloading an eBook. Further information is available for Apple devices.

ProQuest Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) - Content can be downloaded to numerous devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader. Please see Downloading ebook support pages.

Why are some ebooks unavailable?

There could be several reasons. First, ebooks may be purchased for one user at a time or for multiple people to use simultaneously. If you try to open an ebook that someone else is already using, you may be turned away. Second, some ebooks in JaySearch can disappear if they are not in demand or if they are part of a dynamic subscription. Please notify us if you are in need of an ebook that you cannot access.