Library Instruction

Library Instruction


Library Instruction

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Instruction and Assessment

"Students will develop the basic skills of information literacy, including searching for information, critically evaluating information from sources, and appropriately using and citing information." -- CCAS Learning Outcome 2.I.1

We support faculty efforts to teach and assess lifelong information literacy. These skills are an integral part of critical thinking in the Magis Core Curriculum. The Subject Liaisons offer a tiered program of instruction, described below.

The First-Year Library Experience

Ratio Studiorum Program

We offer students their first experience of the Library through Quest for the Cup, a fun and informative treasure hunt. Contact the Research Center to sign up!

Library Encounter Online (LEO)

The Library Encounter Online (LEO) is an interactive tutorial introducing library research. In the Magis Core, all first-year students undergo LEO in COM 101.

Critical Issues in Human Inquiry

In collaboration with CIHI faculty, librarians provide a classroom session to give students hands-on experience using and developing information skills.

Library Explorations and Integrations

Guest Presentations

Librarians can provide classroom sessions tailored to your course, to engage students in the discovery, evaluation, and use of information sources.

Research Assistance Program (RAP)

The Research Assistance Program (RAP) affords students the opportunity to consult one-on-one with a subject librarian for their individual needs.

Faculty are invited to enroll their subject librarian in BlueLine, in order to share their course syllabus and assignment(s). Knowing these expectations enables us to provide better library support, both inside and outside the classroom. We can also provide assistance with links to library content.