Seed Funding Awards

Congratulations to the faculty members who recently received internal seed grant research awards. These grants serve as a springboard to allow faculty to develop important research projects and apply for competitive federal awards.

Biomedical Research Development New Initiatives Program

Biomedical research not only advances science and medicine, resulting in better health and quality of life for residents in Nebraska and beyond, biomedical research at Creighton University also represents an important economic driver. It increases the attractiveness of the State of Nebraska to either startup or relocation businesses. Cooperation between the state’s research-intensive institutions has fostered a continued expansion of Nebraska’s research enterprise. Funding appropriated through the State of Nebraska’s LB692 sustains this program. The awardees for 2017 are:

Identification of HIV-1 Latency-Associated Biomarkers $75,000
Michael Belshan, PhD
School of Medicine – Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Combined Antiretroviral Drug and CCR5 Antibody Nanoparticle for HIV-1 Prevention $74,946
Christopher Destache, PharmD
School of Pharmacy & Health Professions – Department of Pharmacy Practice

Cancer and Smoking Disease Research Program

This program has effectively leveraged the State of Nebraska’s support, derived from taxation of tobacco products, into extramural funding for almost 25 years. The program has served as a means to encourage researchers to conduct research in these areas of cancer and smoking diseases. As of 2017, the State had contributed $31,510,340 to Creighton University through LB595. This has led to $150,683,853, a nearly five-fold return on investment, of new extramural funding brought into Creighton University and the State of Nebraska. The awardee for 2017 is:

Beyond BRCA: Identifying High-Risk Genetic Variation in Hereditary Breast Cancer $120,000
Holly Stessman, PhD
School of Medicine – Department of Pharmacology

Research funding - 5x ROI on state funds for research

Health Science Strategic Investment Fund

Health Science Strategic Investment Fund Faculty Development Grants are seed grants for developing new biomedical research projects. The awardees for 2017 are:

Developing Therapeutics to Treat Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacteria lnfections - $44,202
Jeff North, PhD
School of Pharmacy & Health Professions – Department of Pharmacy Sciences

Detection of Glucosamine-6-Phosphate Analogs as Modulators of the glmS Riboswitch - $50,000
Juliane Strauss-Soukup, PhD
College of Arts & Sciences – Department of Chemistry

Effects of Resistance Training and Creatine Supplementation on Doxorubicin-lnduced Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction - $50,000
Eric Bredahl, PhD
College of Arts & Sciences – Department of Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions

Learn more about these programs and other intramural research funding on the Research Services site.