How to Submit a Grant Application

IMPORTANT: All submissions must be delivered to Sponsored Programs Administration at least five (5) business days before the submission deadline

  1. Complete the Notification of Intent to Submit as early as possible in the proposal process; this enables Sponsored Programs Administration to plan for staff availability to assist the Principal Investigator with development, review, and submission of all grants and contracts.
  2. Complete the Proposal Routing Form (MS Word).
  3. If a Creighton University faculty member is collaborating on another organization's project, gather appropriate documents. Proceed to Step 5.
  4. Gather original grant application documents per sponsor guidelines (i.e. project narrative, budget, budget justification, etc). If subcontracting a portion of the project to another organization, gather appropriate documents.
  5. Deliver packet to Sponsored Programs Administration.
  6. Sponsored Programs Administration will review for University and sponsor compliance.
  7. Sponsored Programs Administration will route on to the appropriate Dean and the Associate Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship if the proposal is in compliance
    Sponsored Programs Administration will contact the PI so that corrections can be made.
  8. If the Dean and Associate Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship sign the Proposal Routing Form, the packet is returned to Sponsored Programs Administration and is ready for pick up
    If the Dean and Associate Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship do not sign the grant, the Dean will contact Sponsored Programs Administration and Sponsored Programs Administration will contact the PI.

Specific Instructions for Electronic Grant Applications


In addition to, the federal government electronic system for grant submissions, there are several other agency-specific systems. Individual faculty members should not register on these sites to submit an application through Creighton University, as they usually require institutional registration only. Grants Administration can assist with using these systems. At least one month before the grant submission deadline, contact Sponsored Programs Administration to ensure that proper institutional registration with the funding agency has been completed.

Submitting an Electronic Grant Application

  1. Complete all steps in "How to Submit a Grant" above.
  2. If using the system, submit the completed electronic application package to Sponsored Programs Administration via email or hand-delivered via flash drive at least five business days before the submission deadline.
  3. If using any other electronic submission system, coordinate the submission process with Sponsored Programs Administration at least five business days before the submission.
  4. Review electronic application for errors before submission to Sponsored Programs Administration for review. If submitting to the National Institutes of Health, reference the NIH Avoiding Common Errors document.
  5. Sponsored Programs Administration will review electronic applications for errors and contact the PI for any necessary corrections.
  6. After corrections, Sponsored Programs Administration will coordinate submission with the PI.

REMEMBER: Sponsored Programs Administration discourages submitting an electronic application on the deadline day and will not be responsible for successful submission of such an application. The Proposal Routing Form and the completed electronic application must be submitted to Sponsored Programs Administration AT LEAST FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE to ensure proper review and time for corrections prior to submission.

Confidential Research Hotline (402-280-3200)

Research Personnel are expected to report any known or suspected noncompliant conduct related to research or sponsored program activities conducted and/or approved through Creighton University. The confidential Research Compliance Hotline (402-280-3200) is available for any individual who wishes to remain anonymous and/or has found other available reporting mechanisms to be ineffective. Research Personnel may also address their research compliance-related questions or concerns to the Director of Research Compliance at 402-280-2511.

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