Sponsored Programs Administration Forms


Prior to Submission

  • Notification of Intent to Submit - Sponsored Programs Administration asks everyone who intends to submit a proposal for funding to fill out this form as early as possible in the proposal development process. This will allow Sponsored Programs Administration to plan for staff availability to assist the Principal Investigator with development, review, and submission of all grants and contracts.

  • New Subaward Information for InfoEd - If you are adding a subaward to your budget or a Consultant/Other Significant Contributor to the Personnel tab in InfoEd, the institution name and the names of individuals from that institution who will be involved in the grant must be included in the InfoEd database. If you discover that this information isn't already available, fill out the form to send a request to Sponsored Programs Administration. PLEASE NOTE: You should also use this form if the subaward organization is already in InfoEd but you need to add the name of an investigator at that institution. We will let you know when it's been added.

  • New Sponsor Information for InfoEd - If you can't find a sponsor listed in InfoEd, we can add it for you. Use the form to send the information to Sponsored Programs Administration and we'll let you know when it's been added.

  • NIH Forms - Includes application guides and forms to be used for all NIH grants.

  • Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form - This form must be submitted to Research and Compliance annually, or whenever new conflicts of interest occur.

  • Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs Waiver Request Form (MS Word) - This form must be completed by the Principal Investigator when requesting F&A costs to be waived or reduced for a research project. This includes cases in which the sponsor limits or does not allow F&A costs, as well as when a Principal Investigator is requesting a reduction or waiver of F&A costs. Sponsored Programs Administration will route this for signature at the time it routes the entire proposal.

  • Subrecipient Intent Form (MS Word) - Required when one institution intends to pass along money to another institution in the form of a subaward. PLEASE NOTE: You must fill out sections A and B before sending the form to the subrecipient.

When an Award is Received

  • Research Subaward Agreement - Contact Sponsored Programs Administration

  • No-Cost Extension Request Form - This form must be submitted no less than 60 days before the grant/subaward/contract end date to request a no-cost extension, unless the grant terms and conditions state otherwise.