Submitting Externally-Sponsored Agreements

How to Submit an Externally-Sponsored Contract/Agreement

Externally-sponsored contracts must be approved by Sponsored Programs Administration and General Counsel at Creighton University. A detailed description of how to process an externally-sponsored contract/agreement is below. A printable version in checklist form is also available. Please contact Sponsored Programs Administration at 402-280-5769 with any questions. 

Checklist of How to Route an Externally Sponsored Contract/Agreement (PDF)

  1. General Counsel must review the draft and make required changes or comments. (See Checklist of Required Elements in an Externally Sponsored Contract/Agreement (PDF). General Counsel will return e-mail to the PI and/or designee with instructions to return contract/agreement to sponsor requesting the changes.
  2. Once a corrected contract/agreement is obtained, the PI or designee will deliver the contract/agreement signed by the PI, proof of General Counsel approval, the study budget, protocol or statement of work, and the Proposal Routing Form (MS Word) to Sponsored Programs Administration.
      Please allow at least five business days for the following review, approval and signature process.
  3. Sponsored Programs Administration will review. If items or signatures are missing, Sponsored Programs Administration will contact the PI or designee.
  4. If all required items are included and signed, Sponsored Programs Administration will ensure that investigators listed on the project are compliant with sponsor and institutional compliance requirements.
  5. Sponsored Programs Administration will route the package to the appropriate Dean or Deans and the Provost for review and signature.
  6. Sponsored Programs Administration will return the package to the PI electronically or as a hard copy, per sponsor requirements.