Presidentís Distinguished Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogical Research Grant

Presidentís Distinguished Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogical Research Grant


Creighton University strives to recognize the efforts and achievements of its faculty as they prepare students to learn, work, lead, and serve in an increasingly complex world. The President's Distinguished Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogical Research Grant award specifically aims to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) through curricular innovation and pedagogical research dedicated to student learning and enrichment of the curriculum by members of the faculty. Grant awards are available for this use in the following four categories:

  • Interdisciplinary or Inter-professional Health Education
  • Lifelong Learning Innovation (e.g., graduate level programs, certificate programs, nontraditional students, career enhancement and transition, etc.)
  • Community Engagement (e.g., North Omaha place-based learning, population health, etc.)
  • Exigent Issues of Global Concern (e.g. racism, refugees, immigration, climate change, interreligious dialogue, political discourse, secularity, etc.)


To be eligible for this Presidential award, applicants must be full-time faculty holding one of the following appointments:

  • Teaching-Research
  • Clinician-Educator
  • Resident/Research Faculty

Emeritus, Adjunct, Special, Visiting, Affiliate, or Contributed-Service Faculty are not eligible.


President's awards are for a one-year period of a maximum $10,000 given to individual faculty or interdisciplinary team. Curriculum development and innovation includes new courses, examination of and reflection upon teaching and learning practices, new modes of teaching, activities that improve the quality of instruction, and/or pedagogical research that enhances our curriculum. All awardees will be honored publicly. Initial outcomes and results of the awards will be shared at a presentation in the subsequent year.


Preparation of Applications

The following documents are required in this order:

  1. Cover page (form provided)
  2. Proposal narrative (5-page maximum, font size no smaller than 11 points and margins no smaller than Ĺ inch); see more information below
  3. Timeline of project
  4. Budget form (form provided)
  5. Budget justification (no form provided)
  6. Abbreviated CV that provides evidence of qualifications, previous work/experience demonstrating ability to do the project; no more than 2 pages each
  7. Bibliography/references cited

No other documents or appendices are allowed.

Application Deadline

2021 date TBA

Proposal Narrative

The 5-page proposal narrative should include the following:

  • Project abstract or executive summary (not more than Ĺ page).
  • Rationale for the project proposal that addresses the significant impact this funding will have on curriculum development, faculty teaching, student learning, and/or advancing student understanding of current global realities. Include a brief, targeted review of the relevant SoTL research literature.
  • Description of project goals, project plan, innovation, and approach.
  • Assessment plan that demonstrates achievement of project outcomes (anticipated outcomes, and benchmarks, including how they will be measured and appropriateness of these measures).

Budget Restrictions

Grant support will be considered for a broad range of requests, including the following:

  • Summer salary and associated fringe benefit costs (academic year salary is not allowed)
  • Research assistants and technical support and associated fringe benefit costs
  • Student wages
  • Travel required for completion of project
  • Registration fees associated with necessary faculty development activity
  • Supplies
  • Publication costs

The following expenses are not allowable in the budget:

  • Faculty salaries, other than summer salary and associated fringe benefit costs
  • Use of funds for course release to reduce teaching obligations
  • External collaborator costs

Selection Procedure

An Awards Committee composed of distinguished faculty members, who are appointed by the President, will review the applications and select up to five applications in each strategic area to receive the President's Distinguished Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogical Research Grant.

Internal Grant Program Application Limitations

Per the Policy on Concurrent Submission of Similar or Identical Applications, two (or more) similar, identical, or essentially identical applications cannot be under review at the same time, even if they are submitted to different internal funding opportunity announcements."