IRB Instructions

Getting Started: How do I submit my research to the IRB?

Step 1: What type of review does my project qualify for?

Step 2: Registering yourself in IRBNet

IRBNet Registration Instructions

IRBNet User Guide for Researchers (step-by-step instructions on how to submit through IRBNet)


Step 3: Submitting your project to IRBNet

New Project Submission

The Researcher 1 video walks through the process of submitting an Initial Submission.
Username: creighton
Password: training

Step 4: Post-Approval Topics (modifications, additions, deletions)

Post-Approval Topics

The Researcher 2 video walks through the process of submitting materials like Continuing Reviews, Amendments, and Study Closures, etc.
Username: creighton
Password: training

Step 5: Terminations- How do I close my study?

Your termination documents must be submitted via IRBNet.  Only the investigative team can submit.

 You must:

1.        Go to IRBNet enter the system.  Open your project.

2.        You will then see a list of Project Administration tasks on the left side of the screen

3.        Go to the Designer

4.       On this page there will be a button toward the bottom that says add a document, press this button.  The system will then say your package is locked would you like to open a new package and you say yes.

5.       Download the Continuing Review/Project Termination Application and fill it out

6.         You will then get an upload box that you can upload your document(s).     

7.         Once all is uploaded be sure to electronically sign this package (again this is a project administration task on the left side of the screen)

8.         Lastly be sure to submit (we cannot see until you submit).  Be sure the submission goes to the Board that originally reviewed the project.