Radiation Safety Committee

Creighton University New Employee Orientation

The Radiation Safety office has provided a brief online presentation to provide awareness to new employees participating in Human Resources' New Hire process. Information includes a general overview of radiation safety principles, identification of Radiation Safety Office personnel, and information regarding further training requirements for employees who will be working with radiation as part of their duties. 


Creighton University Radiation Frequenter Training

Radiation Frequenter Training is required for any person who needs access to the radioactive labs/clinics, buy will not be directly working with the radiation sources. This training is designed for workers in radioactive material labs as well as labs/clinics that house radiation generating equipment. This training is expected to be completed on an annual basis, i.e., every calendar year. 

Access the training by clicking on this link: 



Radiation Safety Training and Required Annual Refresher Training

All Authorized Users and radiation workers who use radioactive materials as part of their efforts are required to meet with the Radiation Safety Office personnel for documentation and completion of training before they are allowed to handle radioactive materials. Specific training requirements are outlined in the Radiation Safety Manual, Section 7 and described in the  Training Requirements flowchart. Individuals who will work with radiation generating equipment as part of their employment will also need to document initial training through the Radiation Safety Office. Requirements vary by type of equipment and the applications. Contact the Radiation Safety Office for further information. Personnel who frequent any of these areas but who do not handle or use the radioactivity are required to complete the online frequenter training.

All Authorized Users, radiation safety workers and ancillary personnel (e.g. Public Safety, Mail Center, Housekeeping, Maintenance) are required to attend annual refresher radiation safety training provided by the Radiation Safety Office.

Required annual refresher training for x-ray personnel will be provided online. Frequenters are expected to annually complete the frequenter training requirements. 

Please contact the Radiation Safety office at 402-280-5570 if you have any questions regarding training requirements.

Annual Training For Users of Radiation Generating Equipment (X-Ray Training)

The Training for Users of Radiation Generation Equipment, commonly referred to X-Ray training, is required for those individuals working with radiation generation equipment. This training is expected to be completed on an annual basis, i.e., every calendar year. A passing score is 80%. 

Access the training by clicking on this link:

Laser Safety Training

The Laser Safety Training is required for all personnel working with high powered lasers. A student may also be required to complete the laser safety training when a faculty member request it. A passing score on the laser safety training is 80%.

Please direct all questions or concerns to the Laser Safety Officer, Dr. David Sidebottom.

The Laser Safety Training can be found at the following link: