Ed: Justice and Society Major
Ed Nunez, College of Arts and Sciences student

Ed: Justice and Society Major

College of Arts and Sciences
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

  • Cortina Community
  • Campus Ministry - St. John’s sacristan
  • SCSJ - advocacy team leader
  • Inter-Residence Hall Government - Deglman Hall President

What excited you most about choosing Creighton?

First and foremost, that it is Jesuit. Creighton’s heritage as a Jesuit university is what made me excited because I absolutely love how the Jesuits approach higher education.

What opportunities have made your Creighton experience unique and valuable?

Being in the Cortina Community and involved with the Creighton Center for Service and Justice have helped me find my passion for social justice and advocacy work in the Jesuit tradition. Being in the social justice and service programs here on campus has made my experience very valuable and I am so excited for the future!

What sets Creighton apart from other universities?

Creighton teaches students to not just think of themselves, but about the world around them. All of the classes, programs and activities come together to help students find their passion and to find ways to make a more just, loving and sustainable world. Creighton treats its students as people, and helps form them intellectually, morally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

How does Creighton prepare students for success?

Creighton’s strengths include imparting the passion and ambition of the Jesuit tradition. It takes the Jesuit vision of education seriously, which is crucial to this university. Creighton has a passion for Ignatius of Loyola and all the values of a Jesuit institution, which makes it incredibly important for the future of its students and for a world that needs more passionate and ambitious individuals.