Strategic Planning


Message from President Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As another academic year commences at Creighton University, we begin anew our hard work to form, inform, and transform our students. As we embark on a new semester, we continue an illustrious legacy, one that is on the cusp of 140 years in the making, and one which remains firmly rooted in our mission as a Catholic and Jesuit comprehensive university committed to excellence, dedicated to the pursuit of truth in all its forms, and devoted to students and learning.
Our strategic planning process seeks to extend and deepen this legacy. This past summer saw a great deal of hard work on the part of many in our community. I am grateful to the Goal Stewards and their Work Groups, the President’s Planning Committee, and the Steering Committee for maintaining the considerable momentum of the last two years.  

The product of this work is contained herein. The Creighton 150 Strategic Plan: Lighting the Way, while in draft form, reflects our progress in articulating a vision for Creighton that builds on our community’s sustained engagement in three important ways.

First, we have embraced the community’s encouragement to identify and describe priorities. The collection of 33 initiatives, projects, and programs proposed by the Goal Work Groups last spring has been honed to nine Goals that will advance in our planning work this fall; the remaining initiatives, projects, and programs were either paused or assigned to the regular work of an academic or operational unit. This sharpened focus ensures that our Strategic Plan will move to action in the coming months, allowing us to address our challenges and realize the opportunities before us.

Second, as we approach implementation, it will be critical to secure the funding and physical facilities needed to realize the vision embodied in the Goals. The initiatives, projects, and programs described below propose commitments of talent and treasure along with the renovation or construction of facilities that must be aligned and integrated with the University’s fundraising goals, ongoing stewardship of financial resources, and capital planning. To do so, you will see that the original Themes of Creating Our Learning Environment and Stewarding Our Resources have been moved from the Strategic Plan itself to the Campus Master Plan, the Comprehensive Campaign, and the University’s ongoing financial planning.

Third, as planning proceeded this last summer, thematic links emerged among the Strategic Plan, the Campus Master Plan, and the Comprehensive Campaign around the formation of our students, innovation in our academic programs, and engagement with our local, national, and global partners. As described below, these threads from our institutional heritage will illuminate a vision that is Catholic and Jesuit, and truly Creighton.

It is with great hope that I reengage the campus community on strategic planning this fall, and I look forward to opportunities to gather and hear your feedback. As we do so, the vision and Goals described in this document will move to implementation, and strategic planning leadership will report on progress on the tactics and their measures of success. While this work will extend the trajectory of planning into its third year, I am confident that our efforts will renew us in our mission and identity, and position us to take bold steps into a future that is full of promise.
 Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ