Strategic Planning


Message from President Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Last week, our faculty and staff celebrated Commencement with the graduates of our nine schools and colleges and their families. This academic milestone culminates the good and hard work of our Jesuits, faculty, and staff to form, inform, and transform our students. It also marks the moment we send forth courageous, faith-filled, entrepreneurial, and service-minded men and women to serve society and make a difference locally, nationally, and globally. 
Our strategic planning process seeks to extend and deepen this legacy by mobilizing tradition for innovation. This spring, I heeded the community’s call to bring focus and energy to our work by finalizing the Goal Categories and appointing Goal Stewards. In consultation with the President’s Planning Committee and the Steering Committee, the Goal Stewards worked with me and Provost Tom Murray to appoint the Goal Work Groups charged with developing Goals and identifying Tactics. I am hopeful and enthused that with their leadership, Creighton will meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in front of us.

Throughout the process, we have continued our commitment to transparency and robust communication. Steering Committee members have served our community well as liaisons between the strategic planning process and their assigned units. And each team of Goal Stewards hosted at least one Campus Forum to share their vision and hear our community’s desires for their Goal Categories. These gatherings showed that the Goal Work Groups have begun the critical work of developing Goals and Tactics.

Our process has also been inclusive and collaborative. To date, over 150 Creighton faculty and staff have been appointed to roles on a strategic planning group, and the Goal Work Groups are continuously involving others in their work. And just as important, the daily efforts of our entire community sustain the remarkable work that fulfills our mission more completely.

To maintain our momentum, strategic planning work will continue this summer. I know that the change of season also brings a change to the routines of some members of our community. This may mean working at different times or a different place. Regardless of circumstances, whether near or far, I will share strategic planning information over the summer months through monthly strategic planning email messages and announcements of additional Campus Forums or other events as needed, and Steering Committee members will continue reporting to their constituents. And when the next academic year begins, I will convene a President’s Town Hall and Planning Workshop to be held in September. As always, I welcome your continued feedback and support; please feel free to submit your comments and questions through the Strategic Planning website.
 I am grateful for your partnership on this important journey to an even bolder future.
 Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ