Greek Life

Go Greek at Creighton and make lifelong friends.

40% of undergraduate students take part in the tight-knit Greek Life community at Creighton, building upon the pillars of friendship, leadership, scholarship, and faith.

These students are part of five fraternities, seven sororities, and four cultural Greek organizations.

Creighton’s Greek members are not only supportive of each other by taking part in other organization’s philanthropy events, but also to our community by completing more than 20,000 hours of service and donating tens of thousands of dollars to charities.

Leadership & Academics

Creighton Greeks are encouraged to take leadership roles in their respective organizations and throughout Creighton including, New Student Orientation, Creighton Student Union, Residence Life and much more.

Not only are our Greek students involved but they are also an incredibly bright bunch, with an average 3.49 GPA. Now that’s something to brag about!

Fraternity and Sorority recruitment starts in early January for freshman and sophomore, juniors and seniors are able to go out for recruitment in the fall too.